bathtub faucet repairIf you’ve ever had a leaky pipe or faucet and thought nothing of it, you’re not alone. The EPA has figured ten percent of homes have plumbing leaks that waste 90 gallons of water or more in a single day. Even more, when larger plumbing fixtures like toilets leak, they can waste up to 4,000 gallons of water a day. This can result to hundreds of dollars added to your water bill each and every year.

Wasted water and lost money are not the only dangers of ignoring plumbing leaks. As Cecil County plumbers, we’ve seen firsthand the damage that can be done by even the smallest leak. Here’s why you should have a leaky pipe or faucet repaired sooner than later:

Foundation cracks – When pipes leak underneath a home’s foundation, the structural damage can happen faster than you might expect. If ignored, the water can erode the concrete, leading to costly cracks and general water damage. It’s important to periodically inspect your basement for damp spots or standing water. Also remember, that hot water lines may also leak, causing warm spots on your floor.


What happens if pipes behind your walls are leaking? The dampness left behind in your drywall can lead to black mold. This not only leaves a musty smell, it can result in dangerous health issues. Not only is it dangerous but the repair costs of mold is a vast expense. A much larger expense then simply getting your original plumbing problem resolved.


Whether your toilet leaks or is faulty, it can be one of the most wasteful components of your household plumbing. Inefficient toilets can often add more than $2,000 to your yearly water bill and most problems are related to age and wear and tear. Over time, the rubber flapper can decay, leading to a continuous leak. While professional repairs can fix a leaky toilet in an afternoon, you might want to consider upgrading to a more efficient,

Even if pushing off repairing plumbing leaks in Elkton saves you time, it won’t save you any money. Proactive maintenance of your entire system is the best investment to make to ensure your home is 100 percent leak free. To find out more about how to control leak repairs in Cecil County, give Elkton Plumbing a call at 443-256-9942 today.

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