pumpkin-local-plumber-elktonHalloween is quickly approaching, are you ready? Do you have your costume picked out? How about the pumpkins? Have they been carved? Whether your jack-o-lantern is on the porch already or if you still have to pick out your pumpkin, we as your local plumber have some quick advice. Do NOT put pumpkin seeds or pulp down the sink, or even the garbage disposal!

The innards or guts of the pumpkin are slimy and gooey fibers that can cause serious damage to your home’s plumbing system. In your sink the fibers can dry and harden, quickly causing a clog in your drain or an unpleasant odor. The fibrous pumpkin material can also quickly get caught around the blades of your garbage disposal, rendering it useless. The seeds of a pumpkin can also contribute to a clogged drain or even damage the blades of your disposal. Fibrous and seed filled foods, like pumpkins, are easily on the list of things you shouldn’t put down your garbage disposal!

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