Your toilet is probably the most frequently used appliance in your home. When it is not working properly, it can really ruin your day. That is why you need to recognize the signs of a faulty toilet early. The sooner you recognize the problem, the sooner you can contact a plumber for toilet repair services.

  • Constantly Running Toilet – If your toilet won’t stop running, you definitely need toilet repair services. If your toilet is running longer than usual after a flush, it is a sign that certain parts of the toilet need to be adjusted or replaced. By handling this situation when it arises you can prevent costly repairs down the line.
  • Clogged Toilet – There is nothing more inconvenient than a clogged toilet. If a plunger won’t do the job or you are using the plunger on a daily or weekly basis, you need to call a professional plumber. If you keep trying to plunge it yourself, you can cause a serious flood.
  • Standing Water – If you notice standing water around the bottom of your toilet, you definitely need to get it repaired. If there is leaking around the bottom of the toilet, it’s very possible the toilet flange needs to be replaced or there could be a leak in the tank or the pipes underneath the toilet. Any of these issues can grow into larger plumbing problems if left ignored.

If you notice any of these signs, contact Elkton Plumbing in Cecil County, Maryland for toilet repair services right away. A trained professional plumber will be at your home as soon as possible to fix the problem. Call us at 443-256-9942.

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