Your Home and High Water Pressure

Taking a shower or washing your car with low water pressure is never fun. However some don’t consider that adequate water pressure doesn’t come without a cost to your wallet. Every 10 minutes of use with high water pressure can waste 6-26 gallons of water. This can easily translate into a pricey water and water heating bill. High water pressure also puts excess stress on your home’s plumbing system along with reducing the life expectancy of appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, and more.

How do you know if you have high water pressure?

Banging pipes – One of the most common signs of high water pressure, noisy pipes that seem to be banging is a sign your system needs checked.

Running Toilets – While more uncommon, a running toilet could be a sign of a leaky toilet caused by high water pressure.

Leaking faucets –   If your faucet leaks only at certain times of the day or when another plumbing event occurs (ie: taking a shower), this could be because of high water pressure.

high pressure shower plumber installIf any of these symptoms occur in your home and you’re unsure if you have high water pressure, give us a call or schedule an appointment online! Once you schedule a service, one of our licensed technicians can run a water pressure test to diagnose the situation and make recommendations.

High pressure can easily be fixed by Elkton Plumbing

By installing a pressure reducing valve (PVR) Elkton Plumbing can remedy your high pressure issues before they cause major damage and costly repairs.

Benefits of installing a PVR include:

  • An easy way to increase your home’s plumbing efficiency
  • Saves you money on your future water bills
  • Automatically reduces your home’s high, incoming water pressure to a lower, more functional level
  • Reduces your household water consumption up to 30%


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