Clogged and slow drains always occur at the most inopportune times. They often also lead to larger repairs if they are left ignored. Many tend to treat their drains with an out of sight out of mind mentality. Realistically, you however should pay close attention to your drains and especially what goes into them.

To ignore a big headache down the road, the first step in preventing a clogged drain it to clean them. We here at Elkton Plumbing are drain cleaning experts and we would love to help with this first step.

Tips to keep your drain clean

  1. Take care of your garbage disposal. Using cold water helps prevent food particles from attaching to the inside of your pipes. You should always use cold water before, during, and after the use of a garbage disposal unit.
  2. Keep the grease out of your drainage system. Resist the urge to pour the remaining grease from dinner down your kitchen sink.  Instead, grab a used can from your recycling bin to dump the grease in.  Discard the can once the grease has hardened. This may take an extra step to cleanup but can save you hundreds in repairs.
  3. Watch what you flush. Despite being labeled “flushable” it is highly recommended that you do NOT flush these wipes along with feminine products down the toilet. This can easily create a blockage in your toilet and require you to call a plumber.
  4. Invest in strainers for your drains. If you’ve never used one before you’d be amazed at the junk that are caught by these items. Keeping those food particles, hair, and dirt out of your drains keep your drainage system a lot healthier. Add one to the tub drain as well, especially if you’re bathing your pet in it!

At Elkton Plumbing it is our goal to provide customers with world class service. When it comes to clogged or slow running drains we are the best in Cecil County. Give us a call at 443-256-9942 or schedule an appointment online. Remember we offer emergency plumbing service for all those inconvenient plumbing needs. 



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