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shower plumbing repairA problem with your shower can get your morning off to a irritating start. Whether you discover a faucet leak, clogged pipe, or another plumbing problem, you just want your shower operating normally as quickly as possible. You might be tempted to repair your shower yourself. For many homeowners, though, this can be a long and messy process. Depending on the nature of the problem, you could even end up making several trips to your local hardware store to obtain the parts and tools you need.

If you live in Cecil County, Elkton Plumbing can fix your largest or smallest bathroom water supply problem. Whether you have a clogged drain or need extensive shower repair, our professionals have the tools and know-how to fix your shower quickly.

Our technicians use the highest-grade tools to remove hair, debris, shampoo residue, and other obstacles that might prevent your stopped up shower drain from working properly. We can also inspect water supply and drainage pipes for leaks and repair almost any pipe crack or rupture to prevent water damage. Of course, our professionals always take precautions to protect your porcelain from chips and cracks.

Our plumbers can travel to Perryville, Rising Sun, North East, and many other towns in Cecil County Maryland. Call us to reserve your appointment today!

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