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Unless You Don’t Have Any! Are you thinking about replacing your water heater? We are here to help! Perhaps you are considering the new advantages of tankless water heater systems? We are the leader in providing service to standard water heaters and installing tankless systems.

water heater installationAt Elkton Plumbing we understand that washing your clothes, cleaning your dishes, and taking a nice hot shower are all important daily activities. Not having hot water, or having a water heater that isn’t living up to expectations can be a real pain. If your hot water heater is failing to heat, leaking, or just not behaving in the manner you believe it should, give us a call. Is your hot water heater a decade old? It may be time to get rid of the old energy sucking hot water heater and move to an energy efficient model!

All water heaters are not created equal
Some water heater manufacturers with “American” in their name aren’t even made in America. Some manufacturers aren’t really serious about standing behind their product. We only use the best hot water heater brands around, and demand that they stand by their products!

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What We Offer

  • Tank Water heaters
  • Ultra Low “Eco-Friendly” Water heaters
  • Rennai Tankless Water Heater – Compact in design, Rinnai tankless water heaters can be installed virtually anywhere in the home. A traditional water tank requires 12-16 square feet of valuable floor space while Rinnai’s tankless system is wall mountable, allowing you more installation options to locate the unit for maximum performance and efficiency. The Rinnai tankless water heating system is significantly more energy efficient than a traditional heater. It only heats water when needed, no waste.
  • Hot water pump accessories.
  • Hot Water Pump – “Hot Water on Demand” Ask us about them today!
  • Any Tank Water Heater (40–50 gals).


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