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If you are struggling with plumbing problems in your kitchen or bathroom, a trusted and experienced plumber can diagnose your problems and fix them quickly. Elkton Plumbing is here to help in all of Cecil County. We perform installations and repair, helping you to keep your household running smoothly. Our services cover a wide range of homeowner needs, ranging from clogged drains and toilets to serious leaks or ruptures in plumbing systems. We can diagnose what is causing household plumbing problems and recommend solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us today if you are experiencing issues with the plumbing in your home or apartment.

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Kitchens and bathrooms pose some of the greatest plumbing problems for homeowners. Much of your life revolves around these two rooms. You need to cook, clean, shower, and brush your teeth on a daily basis. When something goes wrong in one of these critical areas, it can interrupt your whole life and create a huge inconvenience for your family. While plumbing services may seem expensive to some homeowners, imagine the cost of eating out every night because your sink is clogged and you cannot wash dishes. Imagine how embarrassing it would be to go to work or school without having showered or brushed your teeth. We can help you save money and keep your family comfortable. We are available for all your sink plumbing and faucet repair needs. Maybe you are struggling with your garbage disposal or have to hassle with unsightly back-up in your sink on a daily basis. We can plumb kitchen sink, faucets, and garbage disposals to eliminate your current problem and prevent other problems in the future.

If your bathroom is outdated and sorely needs to be modernized, we can do a complete tub installation. A new bathtub can make a great addition to your home. Maybe you need to replace your current tub or bathroom sink due to wear or damage. A professional plumber can do so quickly and easily, saving you the hassle and worry of completing complicated replacements or repairs by yourself. We can also take care of your bathroom shower plumbing needs, and can install a new shower if necessary. Our trained and licensed plumbers can take care of both major and minor issues affecting your toilet or septic system.

Symptoms of Common Plumbing Problems in Cecil County

Strong knocking or strange sounds when you flush the toilet. If you can hear bizarre noises when you flush the toilet or use the water in your house, you may have a plumbing problem. You should not ignore strange noises which seem related to your plumbing. They are some of the earliest indicators of potential problems.

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Strong sewage smell in your bathroom and other areas of your house. A sewage smell emanating from your bathroom or another area of your house can be an indicator of a serious problem with your plumbing. Pipes in your house may have burst or otherwise broken. It is important that you contact a qualified plumber if there is a persistent sewage smell in your home. Raw sewage is very dangerous and can pose serious health risks.

Running toilets and toilets which do not flush completely. Toilets which run constantly are annoying. They also waste money and resources by using an unnecessary amount of water. Plumbers can fix running toilets and toilets that do not flush completely. Both of these repairs will help defray costs related to excess water use.

Sudden changes in water temperature while showering and bathing. A sudden fluctuation in the water temperature while you are showering can indicate serious plumbing problems. This problem should be addressed quickly, as fluctuations in water temperature can cause serious burns.

Low water pressure in your faucets. Water which drizzles and sputters out of faucets can be an indicator that some part of your faucet is worn or has been installed incorrectly. Occasionally, low water pressure is also related to more serious problems with pipes that need to be addressed before they become worse.

Screeching sounds emanating from your garbage disposal. High-pitched, unpleasant noises made when you turn on your garbage disposal may indicate that the motor of the disposal has burned out or that another part of the disposal needs to be replaced or repaired.

Foul odors coming from your sink or from your bathtub. Like sewage smells, foul odors are an indication that you are suffering from a plumbing problem. There may be clogging in your pipe system or the trap on your drain may be broken or overly dry.

Remember that the majority of plumbing problems are easy for a professional to fix when they are caught in a timely fashion. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms in your household, make an appointment to have a plumber diagnose the issue. The sooner you fix plumbing problems, the less expensive the repairs.

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